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 Introducing NiteClub

NiteClub is a Design and Production house that provides advertising solutions for  nightclubs, bars and other music entertainment businesses. (e.g. Record labels,  concert  promotions etc.) We specialize in designing, writing, creating and producing  Flash Evites or Email Invitations, Flash Flyer Design (A Flash Club Flyer) and Radio Ads, specifically catering to the nightclub and bar  industry. We can  also advise you on the most effective way to utilize your nightclub  advertising dollars in  reference to our productions. The good people who make up  Niteclub have  extensive experience in both nightclub promotion and radio, and  truly understand the  connection between the two and what it takes to truly make an  effective, promotionally  savvy, hip and cool, yet informative nightclub ad regardless of  whether your ad is for radio  or the internet.




NiteClub consists of Three different types of ads:


 Flash Evites  

Flash Evites are independent flash presentations including photos, graphics and audio (mostly music) that you email to your patrons via the internet as Email Invitations to your club, bar or event. It usually features a direct way for the patron to get on to some kind of VIP, Guest or Line bypass list. Flash Evites email invitations are hip, dynamic and very cool looking, and a compelling and highly effective promotional tool. Most importantly, they make your "establishment" look spectacular to your audience.Furthermore, it’s important to note that Flash Evites email invitations are an inexpensive, effective way to reach your direct target audience as:


a) Many nightclubs and bars already collect email from their patrons, so the online ad cost is only the cost of the Evites email invitations.

b) Even if your club doesn’t collect emails there are many nightclub advertising websites with very large targeted email lists and lots of traffic that you can utilize at very affordable prices.

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 Flash Club Flyer / Flash Flyer Design

With Flash Flyer Design we take your current Club Flyer and Animate it with Flash to Music. We can Flash your existing Club Flyer or design an entirely new Club Flyer for you.The choice is yours.
As with Flash Evites, you can email your Flash Club Flyer to your partons as an inviataion to your club, bar or event.Your Flash Club Flyer can also feature a direct way for your patrons to get on to some kind of VIP, Guest or Line bypass list.

The Flash Club Flyer is similar to Flash Evites in many ways however;

1) The Club Flyer is shorter in duration and a lttile less elaborate.

2) The Flash Club Flyer is signifigantly more Cost Effective then Flash Evites, which makes the Club Flyer most relevant to more frequent promotional use.


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 Radio Ads  

We in the nightclub industry already know how competitive our business is. If your club is going to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a radio ads, shouldn’t your actual Radio commercial not only properly reflect your hip and stylish nightclub, but also justify the substantial expense of your advertising campaign? NiteClub will provide your nightclub with a hip, promotionally savvy and relevant Radio Commercial for your target club audience at an affordable rate.

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