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"For those of us who are unfamiliar with them..."
Evites are email invitations delivered to a patron via the internet. Niteclub Evites are a great and inexpensive way for any nightclub or bar establishment to get their message out to their target audience, because almost everyone has at least one email address(especially a young hip nightclub crowd that have grown up using the internet). And, if Your nightclub has an email list of it's patrons.. emailing is free... for your nightclub and for your patrons. What Evites email invitations do however, is give You amazing content to send in that email that will capture the attention of your patrons. It's almost like having your own television or radio commercial but without having to pay the expensive cost of television or radio advertising. Even if your club doesn't’t have an email database, there are many nightclub advertising website with very large specifically targeted email lists and lots of traffic that you can utilize at very affordable prices.



 Flash Evites

Flash Evites email invitations are independent animated Flash presentations including photos, graphics and audio (mostly music) that you email to your patrons via the internet as email invitations to your club, bar or event. It usually features a direct way for the patron to get on to some kind of VIP, guest or line bypass list. Evites email invitations are hip, dynamic and very cool looking, and a compelling and highly effective promotional tool. Most importantly, Evites email invitations makes your "establishment" look spectacular to your audience. Flash Evites email invitations are almost like having a television commercial about your nightclub that your patron gets in there email inbox.

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