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Radio Ads


Attention: Nightclub & Bar Owners, Managers and Nightclub, Bar & Special Event Promoters

Does your radio sales rep write your Radio Ads?

Are your radio ads produced by:
the station production guy that’s bogged down with tons of production for his main priority
The Radio Station
Or worse yet a production intern who doesn’t know his A** from his elbow and couldn’t give a “rat’s behind” about your nightclub or how your radio commercial sounds?

Does your nightclub radio commercial sound more like it’s aimed at HOUSE WIVES for a grocery store instead of at a YOUNG and/or HIP target club crowd?


Are your Radio Ads voiced and produced by a production house with some older radio guy who knows ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the nightclub industry and has a complete disconnect from your young and/or hip target club crowd?

Let me tell you!.. Me and my associates have been around both the nightclub industry and the radio world for a long time and I Guarantee you this...

When the radio station makes your Radio CommercialYOU GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR!!
What your paying for on a radio station is there “air time” not copy writing or production. And furthermore the sales rep and radio station probably don’t understand what it takes to make a truly effective nightclub radio commercial.


When you use a production house that is use to making radio ads for car dealerships or computer companies, they are definitely not going to understand how to produce a radio commercial that is going to effectively target your young and/or hip club crowd no matter how good the guy’s voice may sound.

ButWe Got your Nightclub Radio Commercial solution


Introducing NiteClub

NiteClub is a Production house especially equipped to write, create, and produce, Radio ads,Flash Evites and any Flash Club Flyer specifically designed for nightclubs, bars and other entertainment companies. (e.g. Record labels, concert promotions etc.) We can also advise you on the most effective way to utilize your nightclub advertising dollars in reference to our productions. The good people who make up Niteclub have extensive experience in both the nightclub and radio industries, and truly understand the connection between the two and what it takes to truly make an effective, promotionally savvy, hip and cool, yet informative nightclub Radio Commercial.

Our Story

We've been promoters for over a decade in Toronto,
My associates and I have promoted some of the biggest nightclubs in Toronto including, the world famous Docks Entertainment Complex, Atlantis nightclub, Industry nightclub and other very high profile nightclub establishments. We have also produced and hosted "live to air" radio shows in clubs on Stations throughout Greater Toronto and Western NY. Our on going Broadcasts and nightclub events peaked at over 6000 people on several occasions, and our regular nightclub events consistently exceeded 1500-2000 people. One of the key ways we were able to achieve these attendance numbers was through highly effective, promotionally savvy, hip and cool, yet informative radio ads… THAT WE PRODUCED OURSELVES. We have produced and voiced hundreds of compelling nightclub Radio Ads throughout the last decade that have contributed greatly to our nightclub promotional success… and now we’d welcome the privilege of making our collective experience available to YOU.

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